Phoenix Solutions Team Attends International Conference

Select team members from Phoenix Solutions will join other top performers at an international conference to be held in Orlando, Florida. The company's Director of Operations shared why attending this event is important.

“The conference attracts some of the most esteemed leaders in the peer-to-peer marketing industry,” said Mateen, Phoenix Solutions’ Director of Operations. “We are so looking forward to attending and what we’ll learn while we’re there.”

Mateen said that he will be joined by two of Phoenix Solutions’ top event managers at this conference. “The people selected are those who have hit their targets and are ready for the next level of growth,” he shared. “This is a big opportunity for them as they will be learning about future plans and goals for our industry, and how they can continue to develop professionally and personally.”

This conference brings together people from all over the world who work to promote change agents and contribute to creating stronger communities. “One of the benefits of this event is that we get to learn how people in other countries are managing to hit their goals and increase funds for the nonprofits they represent,” explained Mateen. “It’s a unique and rewarding industry, and being able to network and exchange ideas with others who are making a difference significantly extends our training opportunities.”

Meanwhile, another learning event will be taking place back at the office. While Mateen is away, Faith will take the reins to run the office and oversee the team, thus getting some first-hand experience as a manager.

Phoenix Solutions’ Director of Operations on What Benefits Come From Business Travel

As Mateen explained, one of the key reasons that Phoenix Solutions invests in conferences is the fact that the whole team benefits. “Certainly, those who reap the networking gains from this travel are those who attend,” he said. “But everyone will get something out of the experience from a knowledge transfer perspective.”

One of the conference participants’ duties is to recap what insights they’ve gathered. “They come back and share what they’ve learned, and practice their training skills,” Mateen noted. “We get to implement new techniques while becoming stronger as a team and as individuals.”

To ensure that the team optimizes the opportunities from these trips, Mateen recommends that attendees plan out what they’re doing in advance. “We can look at the schedule and go to different sessions so we each come home with a variety of information.”

“I look forward to traveling to Orlando,” concluded Mateen. “There will be plenty to learn and we’ll grow together from it.”

About Phoenix Solutions: 

Phoenix Solutions is dedicated to uniting people behind causes that drive positive impact in communities. Through peer-to-peer outreach campaigns, the team sparks conversations about key issues and link likeminded people with good causes. Their solutions build support for change innovators who can then do more of their socially good work in the world. Phoenix Solutions follows a distinct approach that harnesses the team’s areas of expertise, including business, marketing, and psychology. They apply creative practices to reach people on a meaningful level. Their on-the-ground presence positions them to generate fast results. By channeling their passion, they raise support that allows nonprofits to expand their influence. Learn more about their approach and success by visiting

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