Phoenix Solutions Offering Opportunities in Growing Business

The Phoenix Solutions management team recently announced a hiring push. Mateen S., the company's Director of Operations, indicated that they are seeking growth-minded individuals to join the team.

Phoenix Solutions is an innovative peer-to-peer marketing firm that helps mission-driven organizations raise awareness, according to Mateen. They have received significant demand for their services and are working to expand the company. A major component of this is hiring driven individuals to help this business realize the next steps of its growth.

"The ideal candidate has a student mentality and is incredibly driven," Mateen said. "Phoenix Solutions leaders will teach new event managers every aspect of the business. This includes peer-to-peer marketing skills and customer service as well as management functions such as interviewing, recruitment, and human resources."

All team members are trained from the ground up, so they don't need to come to the business with previous experience, he explained. As long as candidates are motivated to learn and grow, Phoenix Solutions' training program will teach them the skills they need to succeed. The extensive program includes mentorship to ensure team members' success, asserted Mateen.

"This space is growing quickly," he continued. "So, there are lots of opportunities right now. People who are willing to jump in and start learning will find plenty of chances to get ahead. We are dedicated to enabling the professional success of our event managers. A major aspect of this is rewarding our dedicated people with career advancement."

Phoenix Solutions' Director of Operations on Community Outreach

According to Mateen, a major element of being on the Phoenix Solutions team is community outreach. Everyone at the company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around them. This mentality flows through everything, from their work in raising awareness for meaningful causes to their value-driven culture.

"I believe firmly in giving back to the community," Mateen said. "I want to enrich the lives of my team members through philanthropic projects. I am so pleased that my event managers have quickly joined me in this initiative. It is very rewarding to be able to support our local area and the people in it as a group. Giving is even more enjoyable when we do it together."

He indicated that people who care about improving the lives of others will thrive at Phoenix Solutions. "It is a part of who we are. I think anyone who shares that mind-set will fit right in with us."

About Phoenix Solutions: 

Phoenix Solutions is dedicated to uniting people behind causes that drive positive impact in communities. Through peer-to-peer outreach campaigns, the team sparks conversations about key issues and link likeminded people with good causes. Their solutions build support for change innovators who can then do more of their socially good work in the world. Phoenix Solutions follows a distinct approach that harnesses the team's areas of expertise, including business, marketing, and psychology. They apply creative practices to reach people on a meaningful level. Their on-the-ground presence positions them to generate fast results. By channeling their passion, they raise support that allows nonprofits to expand their influence. Learn more about their approach and success by visiting

Source: Phoenix Solutions