Phoenix Solutions Explores New Horizons With Retreat

Phoenix Solutions' Director of Operations detailed a recent retreat to Mexico. He also highlighted a few of the many benefits that come with team travel events.

Corporate retreats are some of the most coveted travel incentives around Phoenix Solutions HQ. Mateen S., the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “When we get the chance to visit an exotic locale and build our professional knowledge at the same time, we take full advantage. During a recent retreat to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that’s exactly what happened. Faith, one of our campaign managers, accompanied me on this trip. He earned this getaway by showing strong determination to improve as a leader.”

Mateen enjoyed being able to discuss best practices with other leaders in the industry. He gained insight into what other people are doing differently with their teams so he can adapt their techniques into his own leadership back at the Phoenix Solutions office. Mateen remarked, “I’ve already begun putting what I learned during the retreat to good use. These fresh insights will benefit everyone on our team.”

Faith was keen to learn as much information as he could on the trip, but Mateen also encouraged him to take time to relax. The firm’s Director remarked, “After a networking dinner on Monday night, we rented a boat and spent all of Tuesday on the water. There was an award ceremony on Tuesday night, followed by training and more networking on Wednesday. Thursday we were free to spend the day exploring the area, so that’s when Faith and I really took in the sights and sounds of Puerto Vallarta.”

Phoenix Solutions’ Director of Operations on the Benefits of Team Travel

New hires and seasoned event managers alike can expect to benefit from travel opportunities such as the Puerto Vallarta retreat. Mateen stated, “Getting away from the office together brings a host of rewards to a team. Our people get to know each other so much better during our trips to conferences, other successful offices, and exotic locales. They come back to Phoenix Solutions HQ newly inspired to fuse their talents in the most productive ways possible.”

The networking potential offered by the firm’s travel incentives is also beneficial to the firm’s event managers. “We meet so many talented people from all corners of our industry when we travel as a team,” the Director added. “Not only do the new connections our people make serve as reliable sources of good advice, they also create opportunities for our company as a whole. Joint ventures and referrals that build our portfolio tend to emerge from our team’s connecting efforts.”

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